Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[Release] Tokubetsu na Kimi ni Ai no Te wo!

(C79) [Reak (TAKTO)] Tokubetsu na Kimi ni Ai no Te wo! [ENG]

Hoho!  About time, don't you think?  Why most certainly yes... unfortunately, you won't find it here.  But worry not - we've uploaded it in our brand new blog over at wordpress, hosted by none other than Fakku.

So yeah, ahem.  Basically, we're moving to the Wordpress site and we'll probably be working details to get our commissions rolling... that is, assuming Tech comes back from the dead.  As it stands, this blog will serve as an archive for all our previous works.  All newer releases will be on the new blog.

Thanks again for everyone's support in getting us enough attention to be hosted by Fakku.  Do check out our new blog and leave a comment or two. ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

[update] He's AWOL sir!

Ed's AWOL... Big surprise!

Anyway, I'm going to go out on the limb here and ask if anybody here wants to join the team who can write HTML (maybe even QC). If you're interested, send us an email or hit me up on msn.
Still bored and up on the msn @

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[update] Fakku blog and Tokubetsu

Swapping over to the Fakku blog is alot harder than simply taking over a domain and clicking a few buttons. We're currently juggling the new blog and making the final changes + staff notes for Tokubetsu so wait for our Fakku blog to get settled down and we'll christen the new blog with Tokubetsu.

The entire blog and some things will be changed once we make the jump, no more status page. Want to know where we are with a certain project? Ask one of us personally. Others I can't seem to remember right now.

Also, very bored. Come spam / talk / entertain / suggest new projects to me personally via msn ; If you happen to be a fellow scanslator, please mention it so I can group you properly. (ΘεΘ; )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[status + update] RIP & Yay!

First, my computer died.

I come back from my Asia trip and try to boot it up only to find it just sits there like a brick. Did a little tinkering and thought it might of been a faulty power supply. Brought it over to my friends shop to find out that the entire computer has virtually rusted over since my room had an open window combined with a high humidity thanks to San Francisco's famous fog. Was able to salvage some parts (main PSU, 4GB 1333mz x3, ATI v4800's, all hard drives, sound card) but the rest is now rusted junk sitting in my garage. Anyway, I've decided to build a new one ASAP but still working out the parts I should use... Currently looking into a setup ;
  • Rampage 3 extreme (or a SuperMicro board)
  • i7 960
  • EVGA GTX 580's 1536MB SLI
  • HAF X case
  • SSD for boot (not sure which since I don't want to raid 0 raptors)
  • Replace all HD's that are not 2nd gen Blk Caviars with Blk Caviars
I guess I my computer dying was the perfect excuse to rebuild eh?

Anyway, Tokubetsu is nearly done and about to go through its final QC so keep your pants on (or off) and sit on it (or don't).

Fakku offered to host me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

[status + request] Tokubetsu & chat

Hey guys, I originally had planned to release a post yesterday with a raw chatlog of how we here at Genesis get shit down but MSN imploded the chatlogs and I had to manually edit it to resemble anything readable... only to find it still didn't work. Anybody know of a good FREE IM program that makes it easy to copy paste conversations directly on to blogger without any format fuckups?

Anyway, update. Tokubetsu is going through its 2nd QC and after that, the final 'ready to be released' QC so expect it 'soon'.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

[Release] Onegai! X Koukishin

[Kamino Ryu-ya] Onegai! X Koukishin (ENG)

This is my I'M SO FUCKING SORRY! to you all.  It's been over a month and little has been released by the group due to my "return" to the hospital.  Life is a bitch, and I passed in my thesis, so all is well.

And so what better way to celebrate this by releasing some more Kamino.  Yum, right?  I don't care what it's about - in this case, it's wincest - so long as it's Kamino, we'll be sure to jump right on it like a rabid animal.  That's how much we love this artist. :)

If you're an inquisitive little bee, you might notice a little something in the release notes for this one.  When will the next part come out?  Let's see.  Just think of this as an appetizer for greater things to come. :D

So again, sorry for the disappearing act, and here's to bringing out regular releases!

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