Friday, February 18, 2011

[release] Miku X Rin

[ESSENTIA (Fujima Takuya)] Miku X Rin (Vocaloid 2) [ENG]

Tech has a theory on this one.  He thinks Fujima is Chinese. D:  As to why he thinks that, I dunno... but give me full color vocaloid and "leek-up-your-ass" action?  Hell yeah, I'd tap that. :D

There are a couple of things going on in the group, at the moment.  This release, in particular, sums it up.  For one thing, I policed the whole editing of this thing.  For some reason, I've been editing more than translating these past few days... I seriously need to send my editors through boot camp or something. D:

The truth is, this is perhaps the first serious release we have ever done.  I'm talking about actual sitting down and psychoANALizing everything to make sure nothing's wrong with it.  I burned Kraut with my criticisms on his cleans, and my English got shot to threads with Tech's incessant complaints regarding expressions and sentence clarity.  In the end, the credits page ended up having 6 people in it - and I used my "everything" tag again - sorta.  I don't mind the enthusiasm from people, but man... this release really tired me out, a bit.  I'm sleep deprived and running out of caffeine, so shoot me now.

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  1. Thanks for the release, I've been subscribed to this sites RSS feed for a while (totally forgot how I found it) and got a big pissed that there was no porn being posted, it was more like your personal fucking blog, I was about to unsubscribe but I guess I'll stick around.


  2. @Anonymous

    Releases will pick up shortly, sorry about that haha.

  3. @Anonymous

    Well, this IS our personal "fucking" blog (pun not intended), and if you've read the ABOUT US page, you'd know that posting updates and randomness is our style. Still, for those that only care about releases, that's precisely why we put labels on the post title, so those that subscribe to the RSS feed are more than welcome to ignore anything that doesn't have a [release] label on it.

  4. @EdMX

    Kind of why I told you to start using that. Stupid.

  5. @mTech

    I'm not the one who makes random posts about their rigs or getting rich at vegas. -_-; Stupid.

  6. I still like to read shit on this blog.

    Hentai is just a bonus. ;)

  7. haha, yeah. You should make a post about it. lol
    thnx for the H btw xD

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  9. @Anonymous

    Sorry... Only noticed your reply just recently. It got thrown into the spam pile. D:

    Not exactly sure what you mean by trading featured posts. D: Care to explain in more detail?